relationship of art & culture

The role of art in promoting society

Just as art is the expression of every culture of a society, the culture of this society – on the contrary – is the mirror and result of these arts. The interchangeable relationship between the arts – as a cultural value that is presented to the people – and the general public that interacts with and values ​​these values ​​must always move upwards and never in the face of increasing prestige. And taste should never be separated – even marginally – for aesthetic beauty and elegance, but on other levels such as moral value, virtue, hard work, science, defense of the motherland, as well as other values ​​that are the pillar of success and The development of any contemporary civilized society is taken into consideration.


Action of  technology in art:

Contemporary art is heavily influenced by the rapid development of digital technology and the astonishing progress in introducing new, more engaging and challenging materials that artists can work with. Both of these innovations have expanded the horizons of creativity and opened new artistic frontiers. They also allowed contemporary artists to minimize the time spent in the actual performance of works of art, thus freeing them more focused on thinking, creativity and pioneering ideas, as well as providing sound for works of art. .

some quora messages about affect of technology on art :

We just not use technology in creating one we also use it to describe art. today we have many platforms who have stored our ancient artwork. Google has a much bigger database of images of artwork by many great artists from the history. Old artwork are getting new shape by technology for viewers to create an enhanced feeling of history.

This is purely my opinion about it. It just a matter of time because we are on a verge of change or part of the change. Things are getting change every moment. After some year people of next-generation won’t even sense artworks without technology. Just like we can’t say communication stays stable without present modes of communication.

In every technological development, curators of culture cringe at how changes will affect the way we understand our world, how we communicate with one another, and how nature is represented.

Someone once told me about the essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by the German sociologist Walter Benjamin argues that art because inherently devalued every time it is produced, because it become further detached from its original inspiration.

But art has come a long way WITH technology. There is a whole style of “internet art” that uses reproducibility and impersonality, thus, the internet as a springboard for vast creative opportunity. Check out THE SECRET LIVES OF NUMBERS by Golan Levin, back in 2000 this was pretty groundbreaking.

There are definitely two sides of it, artists (and audiences!) can resist technological innovation in pursuit of true connection to nature and their work, or embrace new inventions that change their perspective of their work.