Logo design


A symbol is a symbol or image. In fact, a logo is a shape without the use of writing.

logo type:

Which is actually a writing and the symbol of the business is created by a writing.

Who is the logo designer:

Logo design is one of the fields of work in graphic design and in fact graphic artists who work in the field of design, graphics and advertising can work in this field exclusively. Logo design is more difficult than other design tasks and requires a more creative and intelligent mind.

What ability should we have to design a logo:

  • Such as mastering computer software
  • Fluent in manual design
  • Taste and art and interest in logo design
  • Public relations and proper communication

What does a ability of logo designer:

Ability to analyze that business

Ability to review and analyze the logos of competing companies

At the time of design

Creativity, innovation and artistic taste.
Familiarity with graphic software and manual design

The most popular Vector Softwere:

  • ¬† Corel
  • ¬†Illustrator
  • Affinity Designer.
  • Inkscape.