Big Data analytics

The term Big Data has long been used to refer to large volumes of data stored and analyzed by large organizations such as Google or NASA; Recently, however, the term has been used more to refer to large datasets that are so large and bulky that they cannot be managed with traditional management tools and traditional databases. The main problems in working with this type of data are related to their collection and collection, storage, search, sharing, analysis and display.

This simple definition of big data does not tell the whole story. In fact, the term big data refers only to data, while a large part of this process is data science, data mining, data analysis, machine learning, and on a larger scale. , Is artificial intelligence.


Some of data to collect:

  • ┬áprofile of customers
  • List of books they have read
  • Their activities in social networks such as likes
  • Hobbies like football team or favorite music

Respond to ads and suggestions

Data from other people’s activities on social networks, such as comments on Instagram posts

Tweets about the book

Published articles on the subject of books

Statistics from the most searched books on the Internet

Big data is widely used in businesses, supermarkets, banks and others to analyze data on order quantity, profit and …