Google art

Google has recently launched an app and website called Google Art & Culture to facilitate access to art, architecture, music and cultural artifacts.

You can search for anything you want from the database that Google has amassed, from old tools to modern abstract artwork, and in this way, Google is certainly good at gigapixel camera performance. Use your new, used

The Google Art & Culture app also has a section that helps you find and view new artwork in the app every day.

One of the most important features of this app is that you can  watch with a virtual reality  in more than one cultural and artistic place, whether it is a Greek temple or a street with different graphics. And explore the artifacts of that place.

In this application you can see information about local museums; Information on the theory of working hours, addresses and exhibition programs. Even if you can use the Art Recognizer tool to identify the artwork.

To use this new Google service, you may install the Android or iOS version of Google Art and Culture on your phone or visit its website at this link.

Features of the Google Art & Culture app

  1. Ability to explore the artwork of more than 100 museums and organizations working with the Google Cultural Institute
  2. Ability to zoom in on artwork and view all the details using Google’s Gigapixel camera technology
  3. Ability to view works based on their predominant color or effect period
  4. Take advantage of a 360-degree panoramic tour to see hundreds of museums, antiquities and…
  5. Ability to use a virtual reality headset (Virtual Reality) to watch the works and feel the presence in the work environment