TOP 5 must-read Portuguese blogs on business and entrepreneurship

In whatever area, to be successful means, in part, to be curious, agile and willing to research trends and news. Blogs are one of the most effective resources for finding content and news about different sectors.

In fact, they are a good way to learn more about entrepreneurship, trends, case studies, curiosities, tips or interviews with experts and key stakeholders. The best part is that blogs are free, accessible 24 hours a day and regularly updated.

There are a multitude of blogs to search, however, it can be difficult and time consuming to compile a list of favorites. That’s why we decided to save you work and present you 5 portuguese blogs – in no order of preference – about entrepreneurship, business, technology, and innovation that we thought could be interesting for you.

1. Startup Blog

Do you want to know more about entrepreneurship and startups? Check out the Startup Blog. This blog aims to promote the entrepreneurial spirit as a way of developing a society, mainly in Portuguese-speaking countries.

In this blog you can find diversified content about the entrepreneurship ecosystem. You will be able to see tips, follow news on technology and innovation, learn more about different startups, read interviews with key-stakeholders and read about different topics of the day.

2. Blog Portugal Inovador

Portugal Inovador is the name of the blog created by Improve, an innovation consultant with a team that helps companies and organizations to create value and become relevant through innovation. Not only do they design growth strategies and turn ideas into business, they have also created a blog where they share news and entrepreneurship tips. Do you want to know strategies to ensure the growth of your startup? Or maybe learn to think like an entrepreneur? These are some of the topics covered on the blog.

3. Blog Altice Empresas

Naturally, Altice needs no introduction. But have you seen the Altice Empresas Blog? Here you can find different content about innovation and technology. If you are a fan of technologies and the digital age, this blog may be of interest to you. In addition, you can stay abreast of the latest news from the company.

4. Poupa e Ganha

It was no coincidence that Poupa e Ganha was elected Blog of the Year in the Business and Entrepreneurship category (3rd edition). Not only will you find content that will help you save and earn – as the name implies – you will also be able to read news about entrepreneurship, tips on employment and consult product reviews. In addition, if you are a promotion hunter, here you will be able to discover several opportunities for discounts on products and gadgets, and stay up to date with contests to win several prizes.

5. Pplware

You probably already know Pplware, a Portuguese technology blog created in 2005 that is currently linked to the SAPO portal. Again, if you are a fan of new technologies, this is the place to look. In this blog, you can know everything about the technological and computer world, including news, tutorials, tricks, tips, analysis, contests and much more.

There are many other quality Portuguese blogs that we could share. What others would you add to the list ,?comment for us